Susanne Klemm

Red Light Collection

Red-Light-Collection | 2008/2009

During one year I had the opportunity to install a temporary workshop in a formal brothel in the Red-light-district of Amsterdam. I was one of the six Jewellery designers, selected by Droog Design and Gallery Ra, who where part of the Redlight Design Amsterdam project, situated around the Oude Kerk (Old Church). During this new and exciting working period I created different rings, inspired by my surroundings of this neighbourhood, the oldest part of the town. Prostitution around a church is a very strange combination, jewellers in brothels too. It turned out to be very inspiring to me. I presented the work behind the window in a showcase. Accidental passers-by, tourists, but also contemporary jewellery lovers passed by. Sometimes I had to explain to men what I was doing here; they where confused about the content of the window. I felt a friendly atmosphere in this part of the City of Amsterdam. During that year I saw a change in this neighbourhood. It attracted a more mixed public. Prostitution will always stay in this part of Amsterdam however craftsmen and artists are more and more present, now and in the future.

This projects was made possible with support of The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture.